Starting with your new iPhone can be associated with smart watches

You may think you know how to use your iPhone, which may be connected to smart watches, but the truth is that you can do more than you think. There are many ways to make sure you get the most out of your mobile phone. You only need the correct information. This article has some tricks for you; Keep reading

Put your phone in airplane mode when you are on the move or in areas where you can not receive calls. You must find the nearest tower with a ton of batteries and stay connected. Switch to flight mode in the configuration area of ??your mobile phone and save the mass when you really need it.

Use the weather function on the iPhone, which can be linked to smart watches to understand next week’s forecast. android smartwatch allows you to select a specific city where you live together with other areas to get a better picture of the climate in a particular area.

Now it is possible for Siri that your program receive reminders based on location. Instead of “Siri, tell me to call my work at 5 pm”. Instead of asking Siri to remind you to call somewhere at 6:00 p.m., you can ask her to remind you when you are going home. Once the iPhone is connected to a smart watch, it recognizes that you are at home and a reminder is activated. It is convenient for the moments you want to remember, but you do not know exactly when you need a reminder.

If you have an incoming call on your iPhone that can be connected to a smart watch, you can suppress the ringtone with a single key. By pressing the sleep / wake button once, the buzzer goes into sleep mode. If you want to send callers directly to your voicemail, you can press the key twice.

Do you feel disturbed when receiving so many notifications on your iPhone that can be linked to smart watches? It is a simple way to stop it. In the first step, select the Settings button and then the notification bar. Open your application and delete everything you do not want. Your battery life increases.

If you connect an iPhone to a smart watch, you will have trouble knowing how to use all the functions. Fortunately, this article gives you some excellent tips for using your iPhone, which can be linked to smart watches so you can become a professional. Use everything this article teaches you and explore your phone.

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